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1. Login - American Public University System

  • Username · Academic Plan · Forgot Username · Tuition & Fees

  • Username

2. American Public University Application Login

3. American Public University System - Official Site - 877-755-2787

  • Visit APU. American Public University System is Accredited by the Higher Learning CommissionLearn More. Our ...

  • American Public University System

4. Login - Outlook/Office 365

5. Login - CAS – Central Authentication Service - apu.edu

  • For your security, never sign into a website that asks for your APU NetID and password unless your browser visually indicates you are on a secure page with an ...

6. Login - Outlook

  • Login. Username. If you applied prior to January 15, 2022 ... Need help? Call 1-877-755-2787 Call · Chat with a Representative Chat · Email us at info@apus.edu ...

  • Username

7. American Public University System - Peregrine Global Services

  • Register for a Course/Exam. Enter the registration password provided to you either within the course syllabus or from your course professor. ... Have you lost the ...

8. How do I access Microsoft Office 365 and other free/discount software ...

  • Aug 18, 2023 · APUS provides Microsoft Office 365 to its students and faculty (for free!). ... Librarian Sign In · Privacy Policy | Terms.

  • APUS provides Microsoft Office 365 to its students and faculty (for free!).  As long as you are enrolled as an AMU or APU student, you can take advantage of free access to the Office 365 Education package.

Apus Logi (2024)


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